The Facts

A Poem by David Lehman
Directed for Performance by Erica Barnes

We need new myths. Our old heroes are too unattainable, too perfect, too… heroic. David Lehman’s poem ‘Mythologies’ tells the story of a man struggling to construct new myths in the wake of the disintegration of his expectations. Blending the language of poetry with the ritual of theatre, ‘Mythologies’ searches for the answer to the age-old question–what is it to be human?

Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater
3035 N Hoyne, Chicago IL 60618

Thursday, November 1st 8pm
Friday, November 2nd 8pm

Tickets are available here:

Todd Frugia, Marrakesh Frugia, Justin Harner, Melissa McNamara, Chad Duda, Tyshaun Lang, Havalah Grace

Directed and Produced by Erica Barnes
Dramaturgy by Ariel Trocino and Laura Nessler
Art Direction by Taylor Bibat
Stage Managed by Michelle Roth
Lighting by Christine Grodecki
Costume Consultation by Carla Hamilton
Photography By Lauren Sudbrink

“Mythologies” is presented by permission of David Lehman, c/o Writers Representatives, LLC (, all rights reserved.

This project is supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

This program is part of The Chicago Moving Company Performance Project.  The Chicago Moving Company is in residence at Hamlin Park, through the Chicago Park District’s Arts Partners in Residence Program, which unites artists and communities in Chicago’s parks.


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